1)     Mini Das, “Single step x-ray differential phase contrast imaging”.  US Patent # 9445775 B2 (Filed 2014,

Approved September 2016)

Here we describe an apparatus and methodology to simultaneously  obtain differential phase, phase and absorption of x-rays in tissue. Our technique is the first described to obtain these results using a clinical/laboratory x-ray tube in a single measurement step (that does not involve motion of x-ray optics or detectors). Apparatus and retrieval method is described. We believe that this innovative technique has the potential to propel the application of x-ray phase imaging to a clinical setting.

2) Mini Das and Doga Gursoy, “ Single step x-ray phase imaging."  US Patent 9237876 B2 (Filed September 2013; Approved ,January 2016)

Here we describes apparatus and methodology to obtain x-ray phase and absorption simultaneously in a single step using a partially coherent x-ray source.