Imaging Physics (Selected Publications)

1) William H. Nissbet, Amareswararao Kavuri, Nathaniel R. Fredette and Mini Das, " On the impact of image texture parameters on search and localization in digital breast tomosynthesis," Proc. SPIE  Physics of Imaging, 10136 (2017).

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6) Mini Das, Zhihua Liang, Howard C. Gifford, "Examining wide-arc digital breast tomosynthesis: optimization using a visual-search model observer," Proc. SPIE, 9412 (2015)

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8) Mini Das and Zhihua Liang, “ Spectral x-ray phase contrast imaging for single-shot retrieval of absorption, phase and differential phase imagery.” Optics Letters, 39, 21 (2014).

Editors choice paper  highlighted in the Virtual Journal of Biomedical Optics.

9) Mini Das and Zhihua Liang, “An approximated transport of intensity equation for coded aperture x-ray phase contrast imaging.” Optics Letters, 39, 18 (2014).

Editors choice paper  highlighted in the Virtual Journal of Biomedical Optics.

10)     Tom Campbell-Ricketts and Mini Das, “ Direct spectral recovery using x-ray fluorescence measurements for material decomposition applications using photon counting spectral x-ray detectors.”, Proc. SPIE, 9033 (2014).

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Optical Fiber Gratings/Light Propagation in periodic structures (Selected Publications)

1)     K. Thyagarajan, Mini Das, M. N. Satyanarayan, “A simple and direct method to estimate long period grating parameters”, Optics Communications, 218, 67-72 (2003).

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